My outside hose outlet is not located in a very good place, everytime I go to water the back grass, I have to lay the hose over the walkway. I would like to find another way. At first i was thinking of digging under the walkway and laying some maybe "inground sprinkler" pipe in the ground and running it to my deck which is around my pool. That deck is about 75 ft away. Then come up with a pipe and add a spigot by the deck. But that seemed too invovled.
My other idea was to run either regular hose, toward the left of the hose spigot from the house, I would have to run it below my back door and over the cement steps, then probably over the bulkhead, and then put a hose reel at the corner of the house, that would avoid the walkway.
Would mounted a regular hose with pipe brackets work better, or should I use, "in-ground piping" for that??
Or should I just run regular plumbing, to a spigot from my water supply and make another hose outlet on the other side of the door and bulkhead???
Only problem is, the plumbing would have to run through a non-heated crawl space.
Any suggestions??