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Thread: !Stupid! pipe fitting question

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    Hey all,
    While doing a toilet flange repair, I discovered a small gouge in what appears to be some kind of pipe union (about 1/2" union section between the two pipes) between the 4" pvc drain line going down in the slab foundation and what looks like a 3 1/2"-4" adapter that meets up with the flange. The pipe sizes and stuff I suppose isn't important for my question. I don't think the gouge is going all the way through the fitting. At the deepest part I think I could see a bit of glue or something. Concerned about seepage or something I dabbed some 50 yr silicone on the gouge. After it dried I thought better of it and got most of the silicone off (it was still inside the gouge) and put a coating of pvc glue over it. I assume if it was a seeping point for possible leaking that this would fill in and not be a possible issue later on? I am probably overly worried, but want to be sure. Obviously it's not a pressure fitting. The fitting is just after the pipe goes from 3 1/2" to 4" under the flange going straight down, so possibly it doesn't even get wet.

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    I'm not too sure what you are talking about a picture would help.

    Sounds like a lead bend...

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    Yeah i felt I might be confusing when I was trying to explain. I have put the toilet back down, but keep wondering about it. The part deeper in the ground is a 4" elbow. Coming up from that is some type of 4" ring that is in between the elbow and another piece of pvc. The ring only separates the elbow and the upper pipe by about 1/2 inch. That ring is what has the gouge in it. An odd connector piece for someone who has only messed with pvc while doing sprinkler repairs. I'm just hoping that what turned out to be a little rain-r-shine pvc glue on top of a little silicone (I thought of the glue after the silicone had dried) would be sufficient if water possibly would seep out otherwise. The gouge is definitely not so that you could see through to the other side if you could hold it up. Thanks for your reply, Redwood. I wish I would have taken a pic.
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