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Thread: Installing Toto Soiree

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    Default Installing Toto Soiree

    I'd like to get a Toto Soiree toilet, but according to the specs, my water supply needs to be offset at least 8 inches from the center of the drain. I've only got 5.5 inches. Will the Soiree work? Or do I have to move my supply line? Thanks.

    TOTO Soiree pedestal lav and toilet suite

    The water supply works at 5.5" on the Soiree.
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    If you don't move your supply line shutoff valve, it will not allow the skirted toilet to seat all the way back against the wall like it needs to be. So yes, you do have to move it.
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    You might get by with a little less than the specified distance, but not, I think by 2.5". If you go to www.totousa.com you can find (it can sometimes be a pain!) the spec sheet of the toilet...it has drawings that show where it should be in relation to the toilet. From that, you can see why.

    Many toilets are not skirted, so there is ample room in the back along the wall for the valve to stick out. When you make the styling decision for a skirt (it is much easier to keep clean!), you have to live with the installation requirements. You only have to do it once, and it might be an easy fix.

    There is probably enough room to put an elbow on the pipe and run the thing over...you'd have to be there to see for sure.
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