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Thread: P-trap install

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    Default P-trap install

    Removed fiberglass shower and building a ceramic tile shower. Will be installing Kerdi drain. If I place the new Kerdi drain on the existing 2" PVC vertical that exists the P-trap, the Kerdi drain will be 6" off the bathroom floor. That is to high given that I also need at least 2" above the drain for the curb.

    Question: Can I replumb the P-trap by moving it vertically down so the Kerdi drain can be lower? This will put bottom of P-trap near bottom of horizontal waste pipe.


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    From the outlet of the p-trap, it has to slope down from there.
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    Not sure I understand. Can I reposition the P-trap lower?


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    Default trap

    Unless it was not installed properly in the first place you cannot lower it. but, if it was to an existing shower, it should already be low enough and you just have to shorten the riser pipe.

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    Got it. Thanks for your help and time.


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