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Thread: 1/2" water service / Multihead shower

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    Default 1/2" water service / Multihead shower

    Hi Group-

    As a part of my master bath remodel, I'd like to have a shower stall with a 12" raindrop shower head, a handheld shower head, and possibly a couple of body sprays.

    I've got an old house with a 1/2" service from the street, feeding a 40 gallon hot water heater.

    1) I know this is a difficult question to answer with only the above info, but does it sound like I have the needed water pressure (flow rate) and hot water capacity to support the shower?

    If not, what about just the two heads and not the body sprays?

    2) For the two heads, can I safely feed both of them off a single 1/2" Price Pfister shower valve? Will they both be able to run at the same time?

    Thanks for any assistance!


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    I'm not a plumber.... but I do well pump and water treatment and deal with flow rates and must say that I've never heard of any house having a 1/2" service liine; on city water or a well.

    I don't think a 1/2" line can feed all you want fed, but I'm sure any other water use and the shower isn't going to 'shower' much. You won't have enough flow/volume regardless of the pressure applied.

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    Thanks for the reply. I'll have to measure it tonight, but I'm almost certain about the size. The house was built around 1915, and it doesn't appear that the service line has been upgraded.

    For what its worth, my water pressure is very good for everything from showers to watering the lawn.



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    Pressure is not dependant on pipe size other than friction loss over a fairly long distance. Most city systems will have from 45 to 65 PSI. There are some higher, but then you would need a pressure regulator to cut the pressure down. If your water supply line is actually 90 years old, it amazing that it isn't clogged tight with corrosion and isn't leaking like a sieve! I would guess that it has been replaced at sometime because galvanized pipe just won't live that long underground. This would be a good time to consider a new supply line from the meter because a 1/2" pipe will not give you the volume of flow you want, and that old pipe is ready to go anyway. Even a 3/4" galvanize pipe probably would be corroded to the size of a pencil. If it was mine, I'd put a 1" copper line into the house. You should also check the size of the meter. In the old days a 5/8" meter was standard for residences. I'd go at least 3/4", but 1" would be better and I doubt that it would cost much more that the 3/4".


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