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    Default Diverter shot...

    I have diverter valve that is pretty much shot in a house built in '43. The walls are tile, but I have access to the plumbing through a closet.
    I would like to replace the whole assembly as the hot and cold water valves leak some and they feel a little sloppy when you turn them. Problem is, the 3 holes in the tile (hot, diverter, and cold valve) are 5 1/2 inches on center for a total spread of 11 inches from hot to cold water valve.
    The manifold assembly is joined with 4" brass nipples, where the new ones that I have found are one-piece cast. The holes don't line up on these newer ones as they are closer together.
    Does anyone know of a place where I can get the assembly that is not cast as a single unit? I figured that way I could even use the old brass 4" nipples to connect everything. Or does anyone make a larger manifold that would fit the holes in my wall?
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    Houston, we have a problem. While you can repair what is there, if you replace it with a new valve, you are supposed to update it to current codes, which requires an anti-scald valve. There are two types generally available: pressure balanced and thermostatically controlled.
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    Default So...

    the valves are available separately? I've only seen the cast brass manifold assembly & like I said the standard size is just too narrow to fit the existing holes. I'm thinking I may be better off just using the diverter hole in the center with a modern single-valve/diverter set up and finding matching subway tile to cover the outside holes.?.?

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    I have not seen a new manifold for such a widespread. Some other guys will let us know it is available. It would certainly be a good idea to replace it with a single handle pressure balanced or thermostatic valve. You can get chrome cover-up plates to cover the extra two holes. Check with good plumbing supplier for these items.

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    Default valve

    Great Indoors, or some other upscale plumbing supplier, will have access to several companies, such as California Brass, that still make the 11" c/c valves.

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    A word of caution. Make sure any replacement is long enough to get through the wall so the handles fit OK. If your house is like mine, it has thick tiled walls!


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