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Thread: Air Admittance Valve

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    Default Air Admittance Valve

    I'm attempting to come up with a method for an 'S' trap replacement - see my previous post. I've been considering trying an Air Admittance Valve rather than pipe a vent. Has anyone had experience with them - good or bad? I realize the inspector would have to allow the "alternative method".

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    They work in the application they were meant to be used for. I have seen many situations where they were placed but were out of their normal design usage.

    IF you fall under the IPC there will be no problem for this to be used (as long as you have 1 connecting vent, somewhere in the system, vented to outside air). UPC still seems to have problems allowing these. You will need to call your building department and talk about what code they use.

    Good luck with you project.

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    I'm using 3 of them, 2 on frequently used drains, and have had no problems. I did install them in very easy to access locations just in case.

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    Default Aav

    Thank you both for your responses. Will have to see whether the inspector will allow the AAV - if so, that seems to be the path of least resistance.


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