I'll start by thanking you all for your advice. This is a great forum! I'm a first-time homeowner, and therefore new to the world of sprinklers, and need your help:

I have a 6 zone, residential sprinkler system at my home. In attempting to start it up this year, I found that zone 1 is inactive. No sprinklers popping up, no air, water, noise, etc. from any of the sprinklers at zone 1. All other zones operated normally for the 10 minutes I ran each station on the "manually run all stations" setting on my control box in the gargage. Upon attempting the same thing again the next day, zone 1 was again totally inactive. Zone 2 stopped halfway through it's cycle. The remaining stations continue to operate just fine.

When I attempt to manually run the zones, by turning the "valve" (solenoid?) at the box for stations 1 and 2, I hear water going through the pipes at the box, but absolutely nothing happens at the sprinklers for zones 1 and 2. No popping up, no leaking, nothing. I similarly hear water at the box for zones 1 and 2 when I attempt to run them from the control box in the garage, as well, but nothing happens at zones 1 and 2. For your reference, the valve for zone 3 is located in the same box as 1 and 2, but works just fine.

Any ideas on the source of the problem? Broken pipe? Blockage? Other? Thanks again. Much appreciated.