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Thread: winter camp question...again

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    Default winter camp question...again

    Hi everyone. I was on here back in february and posted a question about how to deal with my ski-camp in the cold Maine winters. I'm going to start building very soon so now it's time to get down to the details. I got a lot of really good advice from you all and there were some very good ideas. I decided I want to install a drain valve just outside my camp that is below frost line to drain the main supply line running to the camp. The line from the well won't be a problem because it'll be below frostline. The problem is how do I access a stop/waste valve that is below frost line (up here about 5-6 feet). Someone suggested to use a curb stop configuration with the key to reach down and operate the minniapolis pattern stop/waste valve. I started to look on A Y McDonald but got overwhelmed very quickly. Can anyone give me more specific info on what I need. Low-cost and simple is what I'm going for.

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    You can install a Curb Stop and Waste valve that will be operated from above the ground. http://www.gjpipe.com/curb_stops.htm...OP%20&%20WASTE

    There is a risk of contamination from water entering the waste hole. The valve is uinstalled with the waste hole on the house side of the pipe.

    The valve will be operated with a curb key, or you could attach a rod permanently.

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    We used a curb stop configuration with the key to reach down and operate the stop/waste valve on all camp wells in PA. It worked great. Just be sure to seal around the key shaft going through the Well Cap.

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    You need one of these with a drain down outlet on it

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