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    New in a house where I have been having problems with my gas fired hot water boiler. It does not heat water more than 100 degrees. Boiler runs an hour before it comes up to themostat demand. Takes a long time to heat up cast iron radiators. When they do heat up they are only warm not really hot. Could this be an impeller problem because the water is not circulating fast enough? If not would a possible solution be an aquastat? Triple Auquastat? I know nothing about boilers. A service guy came and said the boiler was too small and needed a bigger boiler. He said everything was running fine. $135 please. The boiler has been here for 20+ years so I can't believe that is the problem. Any ideas?

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    What is the btu rating of the boiler and how many radiators and approximatly how big are they.


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