Oh no, another thread about brown stuff.

Hi y'all. I just found this forum and thought maybe I could get some advice.

My well is 215 feet deep. Water comes up to 25 feet. The pump is at 70 feet. My water gets this cloudy brown stuff in it. It is fine enough that a paper cartridge will only get about 75% of it. The brown stuff will settle out if it sits for for a while. (i.e. in the toilet.) If I run the water, before the filter, for an hour it clears up. If I shut off the water, it will be brown again the next day. I have no fancy equipment in the system. Pump is in the hole. Water goes to the accumulator then through a paper cartridge filter(useless) then to the house. The cartridge filter will be mostly clogged in about 2 weeks.

Any suggestions?