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Thread: How to solder a "T" in copper pipe?

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    Default How to solder a "T" in copper pipe?

    I am getting ready to install a 3 peice surface mount faucet in my new bathtub. The install requires soldering a "T" fitting between the hot and cold sides to connect to the center spout.

    I have never done any soldering. I have read up on the basics but I am wondering about a "T" fitting. Is seems when you solder one joint and then move to the second joint, the heat will loosen the first joint, and so on.

    Can anyone give me any tips?

    Which torch is the best for a DIY'er?


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    Clean inside the tee on both ends that will be soldered. Clean the pipe ends as well. Flux both tee and pipes and assemble the joint. Solder both joints in the same operation. You heat the tee, not the pipes and when one side is hot enough to cause the solder to flow, the other side will also be hot enough so a quick wipe of the solder around both side is all it will take. Most homeowners use a propane torch although Mapp gas is hotter and faster, it also costs more money. May not be worth the added cost for the average homeowner.

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    Default tee

    A tee has three joints and you do them all in immediate sucession, using the heat from one to preheat the second one, and so on.


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