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Thread: Help! Delta Roman Tub Faucet with Handheld...

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    Question Help! Delta Roman Tub Faucet with Handheld...

    Hello Gentlemen & Ladies,

    My husband and I, purchased the Delta Roman Tub Faucet with Diverter (Handheld Shower) - Orleans Style for our Jacuzzi Tub. We installed the Delta Roman Tub Faucet with Diverter (Handheld Shower) - Orleans Style with the correct valve, however, where I want the diverter placed the hose is too short. Of course, it being a Delta item, I cannot go to the hardware store and just pick up an extended hose, well at least I don't think I can...

    The 59" inch hose because of how the other hose that connects to the valve make me only have about 3 inches of hose that comes out of connector so that I can pull it too wash my hair or rinse down the tub, etc...We went to Ace Hardware thinking that they would carry what we needed but NOPE! My husband came back with (2) of those braided water lines and none of them fit ...Could someone help us to let us know what we can do? Is there a specific Delta water supply line that will allow me to have a majority of the 59" inch hose for use with the diverter instead of only 3"...

    Thank you to all or anyone who can help!

    God Bless You

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    Talking DELTA has them

    you will simply have to get them from Delta..

    they make the extensions for the sprayer
    in the color or finish you want...

    and they should have the couplings too...

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    Default Delta

    The head of the sprayer is conventional 1/2" ips, so you need a 5' handheld shower hose, not a water supply hose, and a 1/2" brass pipe nipple to connect the new one to the old one. Then put the spray head on the end of the new hose.


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