I am shopping around for either a Clack or Fleck.
1) I believe that there is a potential long term hazard with cast iron pipes rusting due to excess salt left during the last softener cycle. Is there a way to program the softener to flush out the salt liquid left in the pipes so water runs and clears the salt to the sewer line? (basically, I want to make sure that salt water does not corrode the cast iron waste pipes.

2) If I purchase a softener which as "over" capacity, it sounds like running a cycle > 1week is bad for the resin. What do you do then, just run it weekly , no matter if it needs to be run ? Do you just run it for a few minutes just to prime the resin?

3) Are softeners sophisticated enough to sense the hardness of the water and "automatically" cycle ONLY when the water hardness goes above a certain level?

Thanks all