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Thread: Plumbing vent flashing

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    Not really a remodeling question but thought it fit best here (I am remodeling, though :-) While in my attic, I notice sunlight streaming in by my vent. I then noticed water damage on some boxes stored under the vent. The flashing appears to be rubber (it's black) and ripped. The roof is a very steep pitch. From my attic floor to the penetraction, I'd guess it to be 12 feet. I will probably be replacing the roof in a year or two. Is there a relatively simply patch I can use until I re-roof, or should I just replace the whole flashing piece? Thanks.

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    PS 4020 will do the job too bad its going to cost way more then a new boot.
    I would look for Geocell 2300 with some reinforcing fabric, thats a simple fairly low cost way to fix it. If you didn't want to get on the roof you could always fill in around the boot with foam in a can

    Good luck



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