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Thread: Pouring new basement floor ... how to get concrete?

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    Default Pouring new basement floor ... how to get concrete?

    Well, after I do the deck, I'll be on to my next project ... busting up the concrete floor in the basement, putting in new drains and a sump and then pouring the new floor. The existing floor is cracked and heaving and only about 1" thick in some places! It's bad.

    I have a basement window that is about 10ft from the road. Is this too far to have concrete delivered without a pumper truck? Ideally if they could chute it right down into the window then I could spread it and finish it myself.

    Would it be better to haul out the concrete or build some sort of 12"H x 42"D platform against the wall and bury the broken concrete in that? I could put my washer and dryer and stuff on that. I would have to use a couple courses of concrete block to get it up to height. I'm not sure if I need a footer under them though. I could drive rebar into the ground to hold them from shoving outwards and then the floor slab would contain it too. Do you think it would settle much if the building had been excavated 85 years ago?

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