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    I'm new at remodeling. We are replacing a vanity top. Our vanity is 30 x 18. The new vanity top I purchased says it will fit vanitys which are 30 by 21. It does have a backsplash. Will it work or do I need to return? Do they make them this other size?


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    Can you live with a 3" deeper overhang on the front? Depending on where they mounted the sink, it may not fit. Most have maybe 3/4" or so overhang.

    You may be able to find matching filler piece(s) and push the whole cabinet out so it is 21" deep. If it is in an alcove, just place it further out and use solid spacers to anchor the back to the wall.
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    The big box stores around me (Lowes, Home Depot, *******) carry 31x19 tops. They are instock and available via special order.


    Edit: Why is the M* store censored and the others not? I must have missed that item around here...
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    Default Thanks!

    Thank you both for your replies and assistance!

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    Default top

    Probably not without modifying the cabinet placement. There is not likely to be 3" between the front of the sink and the front of the countertop, so the sink would hit the cabinet before it was in place.

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    if you do not have to pay return shipping, you should return it.
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