The pressure switch never shuts off which of course allows the pump to continuously run. The pressure never gets high enough to trigger the 30/50 switch to shut off. Everything is less than a year old from the well line at the house to the main plumbing to the house (water filter, pressure switch, pressure release valve, pressure tank, anti-reverse water flow valve).

Air pressure measures fine in the pressure tank and the pump is pumping. The pressure gets a little over 30 but no higher so the pump never shuts off since it doesn't get to 50. Could it be that the pump is just old? Should it be pumping with enough pressure to trigger the pressure switch to shut off? The pump is at least 15 years old if not older. Anyway to test the pump condition?

Could a leak in the line from the well to the house be the issue? I haven't noticed any significant dirt/debris in the water. No noticeable water in the yard to the house which we had when we had a leak a few years back. Is there a way to test that?

Appreciate any help you can provide.