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Thread: Need help in draining/venting a new bathroom layout

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    Default Need help in draining/venting a new bathroom layout

    I have torn apart and begun remodeling our main/only bathroom and need some advice on the best way to drain/vent a new shower, bathtub, and sink at new locations in the bathroom.

    Some background.
    1) This is a 2 story home and this 'only bath' is on the first level.
    2) I have a full basement and complete access to the above items.
    3) The toilet is already hooked up to the soil/vent stack and is not being relocated.
    4) I would prefer not having to run a new auxillary stack thru to the roof. The new shower/tub/sink are all 'relatively' close to the main stack.

    I have included an image of the layout....it should help clarify what I am trying to do. I have found that its the 'venting' solution that I cannot figure out.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome ... i really need the help, as my wife is 'done' with having her only bath 'under' construction.

    Tx... Mike
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