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Thread: jacuzzi espree tub leaks

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    Default jacuzzi espree tub leaks

    I just filled and tested a new jacuzzi espree whirlpool tub for leaks last night. There's a huge leak where the Rapid Heater fits in a slot between the pump and tub. The heater barely fit, and I had to muscle it in place. It ended up pinching and moving one of the rubber gaskets out of place, thus the leak. It appears the prefit PVC pipe between the motor and heater is too long. Is that possible? Otherwise, how do I get the heater in place with the gasket staying put? It is so tight, you have to angle in the heater, and that presses and pinches the gasket.

    Also, there's a leak from a jet on a fitting in the back. Do I try to tighten the PVC nut holding the jet in place? The tub is installed in a drop in, and there's little room in the back where that leak is to get a good fit with a pipe wrench.

    Thanks for any advice. I emailed Jacuzzi twice in the last couple days and am getting no response.

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    We cannot really answer either question without actually being there to see the leaks and decide the best way to fix them.


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