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Thread: Slow Shower Drain - Not Clogged, Just Slow

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    Question Slow Shower Drain - Not Clogged, Just Slow

    I have a slow shower drain - after a minute of the shower running there is a few inches of standing water. I had the drain snaked and there was no blockage. The drain is wide open but it just drains exceptionally slow. The toilet flushes fine so I don't think it's a venting issue. What else can I do to fix it? Would a low-flow showerhead help? Would that help reduce the water volume so there would be less water draining? If so, any product recommendations? Other ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    All new showerheads are limited to 2.5gpm. If you have an old one, it could be quite a bit more. That being said, it still shouldn't back up. A vent doesn't affect the draining much, it is to prevent siphoning adjacent drains dry because the displaced air has no place to go.

    The slope of the drain line may not be correct, or they may not have done a good job snaking the line.
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