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Thread: nail polish remover

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    Question nail polish remover

    Will it hurt the finish on a Mancesa Valencia white china lav to use acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover on it? What about on a Peerless chrome faucet and pop-up W&O?
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    Acetone shouldn't hurt glazed porcelain, but it can play havoc with paint and plastics. Some faucets (in fact most) have some plastic parts that look like metal on and in them. Acetone could very well eat them up. Spilling a bunch down the drain could mess up some plastic parts, including the pop-up assembly. Acetone will soften and disolve some plastics, and can weld them together after it evaporates.
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    Most of the faucets in my house have a clear-coat finish on them. I would think the nail polish remover would be a risk to use on them.


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