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Thread: will extreme cold harm toilet?

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    Default will extreme cold harm toilet?

    I bought a toilet last fall, with the full intention of installing it at the time. That did not happen and the toilet spent the winter (in Massachusetts) in an unheated garage. Is this something that might damage the toilet, like casue an internal crack that would not be visible? I don't want to take any chances so I'll buy a new toilet if necessary.


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    There would have to be water inside of the bowl or tank in order to cause internal cracking. If it is in a dry area, there will be no harm to the toilet.

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    While cold temperatures will not harm a toilet that is in storage and dry, cold temperatures can definitely harm your butt when you sit on a freezing toilet. If you sit on a freezing toilet directly out of the bath, your butt could stick to the seat much like your tongue would stick to a frozen aluminum lightpole. I once took a stinking dump into the frozen surface water of my cabin toilet, thinking that my steaming logs would melt through and everything would be ok. The melt-through definitely occured, but my supply pipe was also frozen. As cold as it was, I had to open the window to air out that badboy. Thank you.

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    Default toilet

    IF there was water in it then it could definitely freeze and crack, and since only prisoners and people using antivandalism toilets normally sit on a "metal" seat I think you are safe from being caught in an embarrassing position.


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