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Thread: Choice in waterheaters

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    Default Choice in waterheaters

    I am building a small (120 sq ft) portable cabin for a client. I am wondering about the pros and cons of using a 6 gal propane water heater vs an on-demand heater. Someone told me the 6 gal heater means very short/lukewarm showers, others say that won't be a problem. Obviously, the on-demand heater will be considerably more expensive, so I don't want to go with that option unless I have to.

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    I wouldn't be thrilled with a 6 gallon water heater... You may want to check out an RV water heater...

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    You might get 2-3 minutes out of a 6-gallon WH in a shower if you were lucky, with it cooling off all the time. With minimal simulataneous fixtures, a tankless might work but if it is used in the winter, the incoming water might mean you'd need a bigger one than expected to get the temperature rise and flow you may want.
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    Default heater

    Where are you finding this 6 gallon propane heater? Is it a RV unit? It will give enough hot water for a quick shower.

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    A regular 40 gallon heater would be taller than the 6 gallon heater, but it would take up about the same floor space. Without actually comparing the prices, I can't make a definitive statement, but I would be surprised if there was a great difference in price. Seems to me that the price difference would be worthwhile considering the amount of hot water available.

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    Talking go get an electric heater

    If you are wise you will stay away from the

    odd-ball propane heaters....

    you can easily go out and get a 20 gallon or
    30 gallon 110volt electric water heater

    or better yet a short low boy 30 or 40 in 220v...

    and rid yourself of any future troubles with
    that small propane unit...


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