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Thread: Sump Basin

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    Default Sump Basin

    I need some help with a mysterious brown slime/sludge that is adhering to the sides of my sump basin. Sorry for the lack of inforamtion but that's the best way I can describe what it is.

    Any idea what this is and how I can do away with it ???

    Thanks !

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    Its probably silt from the ground water that is entering the pit. I get it in my pit alot too.
    Jason Baker

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    It's not really silt /sand but as best as I can describe a slime or some type of algae which is rust colored. It is slippery where it is frequently near water and where the water has not touched for some time it hardens a bit. Over time it appears as though it getting worse.

    Hope that helps to describe it a bit further.

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    Default You've nailed it!

    It is some kind of algae, not sure if it matters what kind. If you leave water in any container long enough it will do the same thing. (think dirty aquarium)

    During the summer when the pit is relatively dry I use a brush to scrub my pit with a solution of bleach and water. Then I use the shop vac to suck any debris out of the bottom of the pit. There is always sand, small pebbles, etc. in the pit that should be removed. Many pumps won't take kindly to solids- I'm sure keeping the basin clean adds to the life of a pump.


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