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Thread: Inline Water Pressure Pump

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    I water my lawn via my two outdoor faucets and I would like more pressure so i can run multiple sprinklers off one faucet and a single sprinkler off the other faucet. I am looking to boost pressure from the faucet to run multiple sprinklers. Is there a pump I can connect to this faucet to boost pressure?

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    The problem is not so much a pressure issue as a volume issue. The hose bibbs you are using are likely fed on 1/2" pipe, which means about 5 to 7 gallons per minute is all you can get. If you try to "suck" more water using a pump, the water velocity in the pipe and the pressure loss within the source piping will increase dramatically.

    The proper course of action is to source the sprinkler system from a point in the water supply system closer to the meter...from a large pipe.


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