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Thread: IceGuard - Maximum length of T pipe

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    Smile IceGuard - Maximum length of T pipe

    I have a T pipe that is approximately 3 ft in length. From the top it is connected vertically to a small curved pipe (about a foot in length) that sticks out horizontally (although it is somewhat curved) immediately from my cinder block. From the bottom it is connected to an ice guard. Is there any chance that the 3 ft of PVC pipe can freeze above the ice guard, thus backing up my sump pump.

    Most pictures I see of an ice guard show it is connected immediately outside of the house to a small curved discharge pipe (about a foot in length). The contractor that was out to my house wants to use the existing hole (about 4 feet above ground) from my existing sump pump, rather than drill a hole lower to the ground, thus the reason the contractor has suggested using a T pipe.

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