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Thread: Pricing a Zoeller SuperPump

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    Default Pricing a Zoeller SuperPump

    I had a contractor come out to give me an estimate on installing a sump pump, but he did not individualize the cost. I went Online to determine the cost of an Zoeller 1/3 hp SuperSump, but I can not find this information. It seems as if Zoeller only sells this to Wholesalers and thus the price is some type of secret. Also what is the typical cost per linear foot to excavate my basement floor to put in the drain tile.

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    I've not heard the term "supersump" before. If you are referring to a 1/3 hp sump pump, then my guess is that he is referring to a Zoeller M-53. This is one of the most common models installed by professionals and is generally a very good unit. The big box stores do not sell Zoeller, but many smaller hardware stores do and you can also call a plumbing supply house....they will often sell to consumers.

    A Zoeller M-53 is going around $130 or so in my area.
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    Default Zoeller pumps.

    I cannot answer the price per linear foot question, but I do know you can find Zoeller Sump Pumps for sale on-line, as I have purchased the N-53 and the M-98 on the web. Zoeller makes a very good pump, although the switches that come with the automatic models do not last very long. Do a google search.

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