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Thread: Waste and Overflow -- cable drive or push pull

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    Default Waste and Overflow -- cable drive or push pull

    I am getting close to setting a 72"x32" soaker tub and I need to put on the waste and overflow for it. I like the idea of the kind that you can twist that raises and lowers the stopper, but I am worried about all those moving parts in an area where there won't be access if something breaks.

    While at the supply house today I picked up a Watco push pull waste and overflow which looks like a nice simple solution, but the pull nubbin looks to be a little big for a drain that is in the middle of the tub.

    I also bought a Proflow cable driven drain.

    Now I need to decide which to use. Do any of you have experience good or bad with either of these?


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    I have a cable type on my tub. I'm not sure of the manufacturer, but I think it was something like Mountain. The working parts are SS or chrome plated brass, but the hiddend parts of the overflow and rest is plastic (some brands are all brass). It works well, but has one annoyance that I've not resolved - the suction when draining sucks it down. You either have to hold the knob, or pull the stopper out (it's not attached, it just sits on the level that pushes it up - gravity or in my case suction pulls it down, or you turn the knob). One of these days, I may get in there and see if there is a screw in the pivot point or something I can tightet, squeeze, or bend to provide a little more resistance on it.
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