Hi everyone,

I need some advice. I had my main line replaced back in February. It's still backing up. Original plumber came back out the first time, snaked it, but never returned my calls for the second back up. I had another guy out who put a camera down there, and he showed me that there is a pipe a little further out that still has a bunch of tree roots, and that it would have to be redone.

I called my city inspector and he told me they'd go the original plumber 'cuz it turns out he didn't pull a permit, and is only registered as an apprentice, not as a licensed plumber as advertised. It seems now that no one can find him. He's gone by 3 different business names and I'm just sick 'cuz I'm out $2300 and still have the same problem with the line.

I appreciate any help, suggestions, etc. I'm planning on going to Small Claims, but in the mean time, I still have the problem. Do you think I should just get it fixed right by the 2nd plumber while I pursue the 1st, or what do you think? Anyone know of how I can get more on the whereabouts of this apprentice? I've looked up assumed business names for my counties, etc... Thanks!