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Thread: turned around hot&cold

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    Question turned around hot&cold

    so if i moved a water heater (temporary) to another space and hooked everything up then realized that i had the hot and cold water pipes swiched would it matter that much?? would it just run everything backwards?? this is just a temp move for a few days

    any advise?
    thanks nan

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    If you like hot water to the toilet, hot water to ice maker if you have one, and all faucet reversed when turned on, then no it will not matter,
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    Default h&c

    It will have no effect on the icemaker, faucets, or anything else. You WILL run out of hot water sooner since you will just be using the lower third, or less, of the tank's hot water. Just criss/cross the connections if you used flexible connectors to install it.

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    Thumbs up Thanks hj

    thanks for the helpful info hj


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