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Thread: new shower drain not draining!!

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    Unhappy new shower drain not draining!!

    I just had a tub in my upstairs bathroom remodeled and a full shower installed in it's place. The project was completed a couple of days ago and the shower was used for the first time tonight. Now I have standing water in my shower and the water will not drain! Any suggestions to what my problem may be?

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    Do you still have the tub, and the trip lever, that keeps the water in the tub? If the answer is yes, I'd say a simple first step would be to remove the cover of the trip lever (should just be two screws) and see if the lever is connected to the rod (that pushes/pulls the drain open/shut). If it is connected, it may need to be adjusted.

    I would check this before worrying that something large is stuck down there.

    Another check to see if the drain is stuck in the closed position (vs. something clogging the pipe) is to pour some water down the overflow opening (again, I'm assuming this is a bathtub). If the water flows down, the drain is stuck in the closed position.

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    or just lift the plug by hand

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    Actually this is a shower now. It was a tub and we had it changed to a shower. The only question I would have is if he installed the drain correctly.

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    Blame the tile guy and call back the original plumber!


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