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Thread: 1810 bathroom floor tile trouble

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    Default 1810 bathroom floor tile trouble

    My daughter and I, first time tilers, have tiled the floor in her upstairs bathroom. So the "damage" is done.
    Because of the age of the house, 1810, we were told not to tile under the toilet because the backerboard raised the toilet higher, and tile would raise it higher, and the old plumbing wouldn't fit. Right or wrong we went with it.
    One of the issues is, having tiled up to the toilet, the tile job around the toilet looks bad. Can't cut pieces small enough to look nice. Any solutions?
    The other issue is, the grout job did not turn out so I have to scrape out all the grout and replace it. I used the kind you mix. Any advice so I do it right this time?
    Looks like Mom should've gone to tiling school!
    Thanks for help.

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    A plumber could have dealt with the toilet issue. In a newer house, there are some fairly reliable DIY-type ways to deal with the tile, also. In a house as old as that, assuming the plumbing and that toilet go "way back" it could be not DIY friendly.

    What happened with the grout??

    With a tile saw, a round carbide tile blade for a hack saw, and nippers, you can successfully cut tiles to fit closely around the toilet. We always recommend lifting the toilet, but at this point that may or may not be an option for you.

    For the best help with your grout issues, consult the tile experts at this forum: www.johnbridge.com

    We would like to see some pictures, and could advise on the toilet issue.

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    Default Will get pictures soon.

    Thank you. I will get some pictures e-mailed to me and send them in.


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