I am renting a house and the landlord is out of the country. We are getting what I assume is backflow into the tub and it comes in through toilet also. We do have a septic tank for starters.What causes this to happen is if we use the washer, sometimes the dishwasher, the upstairs toilet, when those waters try to drain the brown goo comes flowing furiously through the toilet and bathtub!! I have to say, it doesnt stink to my surprise. I also have to tell you, FYI, that while I was at my Mothers visiting very recently, my husband bought Kleenex for he and the boys to use(it was on sale he said!)and so my concern is thats what clogged things up. I CAN see the kleenex when things come bubblig into tub and toilet. So who shouldI be calling a setpic tank co. or roto rooter type co.? I went out and bought a snake, but the problem is where to use it. I tried the drain at washing machine but hit something..a lint trap?(is that right term? Then tried under the bathroom sink and again this time about eight inches in I hit something, but this time you could see all the brown goo on the snake when I pulled it out. We are in such a tight financial situation as my husband got laid off. So need to make the right decisions in whom to call. I went to the county enviro health to get the "as" plans to see if I could locate the septic cover, but they didnt have any. I have searched and searched for the cover and cannot find it. I know where the tank is, can see even where the pipe comes out but NO cover. I just dont know what to do...we cant wash, bathe, and the rest we are afraid of too if you get the drift. Please some advise would be a life saver!! I am in Carnation,WA. Thanks, truly!