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Thread: Shower Faucet replacement

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    Default Shower Faucet replacement

    We are trying to update our shower. The stems are stripped , so the old handles won't work. (we are currently using vice grips) The plumbing place we took the handles to informed us that our stems are no longer produced. (house built in 1926, not sure when shower added, but definitely before 1965). The current setup has separate controls for the tub and shower, with a two handle setup for the shower. Originally, we were going to get a whole new faucet/valve/rough in kit and replace. This presents problems because our setup has a 6 inch spread, and new rough ins have an 8 inch spread.

    We are not plumbers, but are very handy. Can anyone tell me what our best course of action would be?

    Can we just replace the valves/stems/faucets and leave the old rough in?
    What would be the best way to go about that?

    See pictures.
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