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Thread: Some gizmos are right as rain for saving water

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    Default Some gizmos are right as rain for saving water

    By Jolayne Houtz
    Seattle Times consumer-affairs Reporter

    Soggy weather notwithstanding, the drought is still on.

    The recent run of rain has helped, but with mountain snowpacks still at less than one-third of normal, you'd be doing yourself and your community a favor by looking at new ways to cut water use.

    How about a dual-flush toilet that uses half the water to flush No. 1?

    The rest of the article

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    Default toilet

    I am afraid it would get used about as often as the American Standard Vent-A-Way toilets, which was seldom since no one knew how to activate the feature, assuming they even knew the toilet had it.

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    A friend installed a Caroma in his shop which I have had the honor to test drive. In my experience the partial flush doesn't evacuate all the yellow water. I wouldn't have one even if it were free.


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