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Thread: Leaking Moen Bathtub valve

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    Default Leaking Moen Bathtub valve

    I've had a lot of experience in changing valves or replacing the washers or o-rings on traditional bathtub faucets where there are separate hot and cold valves.

    I've got Moen combination hot/cold valve where you rotate the valve. Water is leaking out of the faucet into the tub, which tells me that I've got an internal leak due to a bad washer or o-ring.

    I've taken apart the outer components, and cannot figure out how to proceed. I'm hoping the the entire does not have to be unsoldered, but that appears to be the case.

    Here is a picture:


    Any suggestions on what must be done? Thanks ...


    I found this on your site - I assume its the solution. The brass u clip is missing in my picture as I had pulled it out. So it sounds like I pull on the stem outward real hard with pliers ... I assume I tap back in with a rubber mallet ...

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    Here is a diagram of a Moen positemp. Your trim might be different, but the valve body will be the same.>http://www.moen.com/shared/pdf/L2353pt.pdf>

    You need to turn off the main water before removing the clip. The cartridge will come out with a little coaxing, and NO MALLET is necessary to reinstall! It just slips in!

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    Thanks for the response. Problem is solved. I bought a replacement valve and a cartridge repair kit. I decided to use the replacement valve to save time (I've been jacking with this much of the day) - I'll use the repair kit on the next one.

    The key for me was this forum and the plastic tool that came with the kits that helps rotate the valve 45 degrees - it was easy to extract the valve after that. Sure enough, the rear o-ring on the original valve was worn out.

    Thanks for your help ...


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