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Thread: buying from goleco online or supply store

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    Default buying from goleco online or supply store


    We are getting ready to buy a pedestal sink. We can buy online (goleco) cheaper than a local supply store. Any thoughts or comments, please!

    Thank you.

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    Who stands behind what you buy online? How do you know you are not getting seconds, returns, or items which may be missing little pieces and parts?

    Now, lots of people shop on line, and love it. I buy a LOT of stuff on line, including most of my clothes, shoes, etc. Never had a problem. I never bought ANYTHING plumbing related on line. We do hear horror stories here about that. SO, basically, it is buyer beware.....especially if it is no-name stuff.

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    I have bought many things plumbing related on-line and I am happy with doing so...


    Items such as sinks and toilets I will always pick up in person and check.

    I don't buy on E-Bay.

    I also look at the depth of the site... Con artists seldom bother to have a deep website that offers even obscure hard to get items... They tend to be very broad with big ticket in demand items only and very little else.


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