I need advice on what to purchase for a remodel tub and surround. My existing set-up has a 5-piece surround and tub- cast iron with porcelain, I believe. The surround is extremely moldy around the caulk, so this is why I want to replace it.

The contruction man says that fiberglass tubs will crack. Several people have told me that cast-iron tubs will chip. I found a Vikrell snap-together tub and surround today at Home Depot that the salesman swears by.

What should I do? I also have heard varying reports from friends who redid a tub with caulk-filled surround only to have to re-replace it 6 months later because of the same mold problem. They swear by an interlocking/snap-together set-up.

I found a cast-iron covered with porcelain Kohler tub at Home Depot and a Mustee 3-piece surround that is very very sturdy, but it'll need to be caulked.

Help! My head is swimming with details.