We're having our kitchen updated with new flooring, new garbage disposal, insta-hot, and a new faucet & sink. The current sink is a white Kohler cast iron sink with a white delta (piece of crap) faucet. We've decided on a stainless steel or brushed steel faucet but we're undecided on the sink. All of our current appliances are white, but we're still leaning towards "future proofing" things by getting a stainless steel sink.

I need a some advice. This is not our dream home by any means. We'll be in it for another 2 years or so and then move up. Will the stainless sink and faucet look dumb with white appliances? It's going to be a drop in sink, and I guess the reason why I'm leaning towards stainless is because they're more durable and will allow us to add stainless appliances down the road if one breaks down or if we simply get the urge. I'm stumped on this.