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Thread: Sumpro opinions

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    Default Sumpro opinions

    I have been looking for alternatives to my basement watchdog battery backup system. The one that has caught my eye is the Sumpro battery backup http://sumpro.com/sumpro.htm. I'm interested in this because it lets you use any standard 115 VAC sump pump and a seperate float switch. Plus you can use it to power anything else that may be critical to have during a power outage. I haven't been able to find any customer reviews while googling and was wondering if anybody here knows if they are worth the investment? They cost about $1600 bucks depending on where you buy it.

    If anyone has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Jason Baker

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    Default Nice to have second pump

    I think that it is a good idea to have a second pump of some kind in a good backup plan. Although rare, the main pump can develop a mechanical failure or something and not work.

    Just a thought!

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    It really depends upon how often your pump is going to cycle and run during a high water event. If it runs constantly, your backup time is not going to be for very long. I use a Best Power 2.1KVA UPS for my pressure septic system. It gives me about 4 days worth of backup but my pump only runs for about 12mins once a day. I found it on **** for about $500.00

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    I agree about having the second pump. I do have 2 pumps now, but I don't feel very confident in my battery backup.

    As far as pump activity goes, my pump can go from running a couple of times a day to running every minute for a couple of days straight. It just depends on how hard it is raining or if we are having a fast thaw. For the last couple of weeks its been very active, but it is starting to slow down now that the snow around the house is gone.

    I know the Sumpro wouldn't be as efficient as a DC powered pump running on battery power, but I like the idea that I would be able to use a Zoeller submersible pump and a seperate float switch as a backup. I'll just keep googling and hope that somebody writes a review one way or the other.

    Thanks for responding guys.
    Jason Baker


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