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Thread: Power Gravity continues filling

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    Default Power Gravity continues filling

    Hi -

    I have a Toto Power Gravity, which was installed new 5 years ago. In the last couple of weeks, after a flush, the fill tube continues spraying out water in the overflow tube, even after the bowl is filled. I find that if I gently push the fill valve toward the overflow tube, the valve activates and the water shuts off. What would you think the problem is? If it needs to be cleaned or a gasket replaced, could you explain the procedure?

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    Default Repairing a Toto fill valve

    Cleaning or replacement will fix that,
    Instructions here

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    It could be as simple as a little sand or dirt in the seal, or it may need the seal to be replaced, or worst case, the valve assembly itself (probably less than $10). I think Terry has a link somewhere on here that describes the procedure of taking the thing apart - it's pretty simple. Many of the Toto units come with a Korky valve...you can probably look up the repair procedure on their site if you can't find it here.

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    Cleaning the strainer inside the tube worked like a charm!



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