I want to put a washer/dryer in a kitchen which will require moving the hot water heater,and running a longer 10/2 protected with FMC from the breaker panel to the hot water heater. Behind the washer just under the metal counter top is a nice rececessed area @ 3"x @ 2" deep that runs along the the whole width of the back of the washer. Along this reccesed area (right side) @ an inch or less In is where the drain pipe is clamped on, then @ another 8 1/2" on is where the 110 cord comes out,on the other side (left side) @ 2-3" in is where the hot and cold water valve is. My question is. Can i route the 10/2 FMC protected cable along this recessed area either running it over or under the above mentioned 3 items? Or perhaps use a different protective material for the 10/2 as it runs by some potential water leak areas and where a 110 cord comes out?

Light question:
Does anyone know how many watts a outdoor motion sensor flood light fixture is rated for? I would like to find one that can handle greater than 200W
Looking for a light that throws a broader and further beam of light..

Many thanks to all!!