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Thread: Faucet re-install from heck

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    Default Faucet re-install from heck

    Hi folks. I am a weekend warrior-type plumber, and have done all kind of minor tasks successfully, mostly toilet installs/repairs, and faucet hookup stuff. But the current job I have has got me really bumfuzzled.

    First of all, the kitchen faucet in question is a Kohler Revival (spread two handle w/sidespray). It was installed several years ago by a big-box-subcontractor into a drop-in fiberglass sink (I was feeling lazy that year ).

    When we began remodeling our kitchen this year (granite countertop, undermount sink), we decided we liked the old faucet well enough to reuse it. When I began uninstalling it from the old sink, I discovered the subcontractor had literally drowned every connection in plumber's putty and pipe dope (even the connections with o-rings!). No matter, I thought, I'll just be extra vigilant in cleaning it all away (and I was, knowing that it would otherwise leach into the granite).

    I also had to add a deep rough-in kit to accommodate the granite thickness. I called myself following all the instructions carefully, but at the end of the day, when I fired up the cold water supply and opened the faucet valve, all the water came out underneath the sink. Absolutely none of it came through the spout.

    This screams "diverter" to me, but the valves also don't work as smoothly as they did before. And then there's those doped o-rings (that I removed, cleaned, and wiped with WD-40 before putting them back). I'm just not sure what to do next. Has anyone else experienced this? Shall I just admit defeat and call a pro this time?

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PScooter63 View Post
    When I fired up the cold water supply and opened the faucet valve, all the water came out underneath the sink. Absolutely none of it came through the spout.
    That doesn't give us a lot to go on! The only answer I can give is your faucet is leaking under the sink.

    Quote Originally Posted by PScooter63 View Post
    This screams "diverter" to me
    That is the last thing I'm thinking!

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    Plumber's grease is good for lubing plumbing parts, WD-40 is bad news for some things. Buy a tin of that and see what happens. That should allow things to move better. You may have torn up the O-rings when things went back together without any grease on them, or they rolled out of position.
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    Do you have the same problem on the hot side? The next obvious move would be to crawl under there with a flashlight and mirror and have your lovely assistant turn on the water while you see where it's leaking. With all those hoses and connections it'd be a miracle if it didn't leak somewhere. Maybe your original plumber had the same problem and solved it with all the goop.

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    Default faucet

    There is absolutely no way water could come out under the faucet onto the sink, if it was assembled correctly and nothing was broken. But we do not have any information that could help us tell you where the problem is. It is definitely not a diverter problem.


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