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Thread: Am I asking for trouble with this fix?

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    Default Am I asking for trouble with this fix?

    Hi Everyone. A friend directed me to this site for some possible help. I just had granite countertops installed and added a new faucet. I installed a Kohler faucet and the water lines appear to be proprietary to the water valve. Although the lines are long, the cold water line was about 2 inches too short and the Hot water line was about 3 inches too short. I went to my local Lowes and the guy there said the only thing they had was a 16 inch water line that had a regular hookup and a compression fitting that I could use on the end of each water line.

    As you can see, I had to loop them around so the braided line did not kink. I can't help but think I'm asking for trouble here. It there a better way to do this? I don't want to even think about moving the valves.

    Once I got it all back together, I manage to have one extremely slow leak that is not even in anything I touched. If you look at the last picture at the top pvc line coming out of the wall, you will see a drop of water clinging from it. I must have damaged it turning off the water. It seems to drip only a couple of drops per hour but a leak is a leak. It is coming from the cemented part and not the metal connector. Can I put some superglue or something on it to stop it? They did not leave enough extra to cut it off and rebuild it that I can see.


    1. The cold water line looped line.

    2. The hot water looped line.

    3. The water leak

    Thanks for any help you can offer.
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