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Thread: Fuse blown after plugging in heater now light dims when another is turned on.

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    Default Fuse blown after plugging in heater now light dims when another is turned on.

    Fuse was blown in box after a heater was plugged in--now lights are not as bright and when another one is turned on they are both dim. Some of the outlets won't work either. We have replaced ALL of the outlets in the immediate area--working and not--but still no help (note--not all of the outlets in the house). Someone that does electrical said it would be the outlet before or after where the heater was plugged in. Lived in the house 12 years and never a problem (or a blown fuse). Please help!!!!

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    It sounds like you have a defective circuit, and things are operating in series. If so, we cannot help you because it takes someone on site with testing equipment to diagnose,and cure, it.

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    You can't figure out problems without a meter. You need a multimeter that measures Volts and Ohms, and must learn enough about electrical systems to know how they are connected and what you should be measuring.

    If you aren't prepared to do that you will have to find someone who understands how and why things work, and what could cause the symptoms you are observing.

    You could have a bad neutral connection, or a bad wire connection. There is a circuit called a multi-wire branch circuit that is especially susceptible if there is a bad neutral connection. The problem if you have a multi-wire circuit is that a neutral failure can cause very high voltages across some lights or appliances and damage the appliances or blow the bulbs.


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