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Thread: Rotten eggs smell - source= Kinetico Softener

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    Default Rotten eggs smell - source= Kinetico Softener

    Just wondered if anyone knows how to disinfect a Kinetico softener? I have the eggs smell from both cold and hot water leading me to believe that the entire water system is contaminated. I have read to use either bleach solution or hydrogen peroxide to neautralize the problem, but hom much and how to get it into the system? I guess I could just put some in with the salt and then manually start a cycle? Thanks in advance!

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    You can't put something in the brine tank and have it get into your plumbing, it goes out the drain line.

    So you can use like a 1/4 cup of regular non scented bleach in a gallon of water and do a manual regeneration, then repeat that for the second tank.

    To disinfect the plumbing and fixtures, you have to add bleach to the water and run it to all fixtures. You need like a disposable filter housing installed to be able to do that.
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