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Thread: mixing deck mud question

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    Default mixing deck mud question

    Basic I know, but I've never heard this asked.
    I'll be mixing 650 lbs of mud to complete my bath floor.
    Since I'll be doing it solo, mixing and laying, will there be a problem
    or concerns about it setting between mixes. Probably mixing 1/4 to 1/5
    at a time. What precautions or techniques should I employ? Does it matter
    about butting semi-drying mud up against new wetter mud?

    simple I know - just never addressed. Thanks again, -H.

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    I'd ask this over on the tiling forum www.johnbridge.com. There's lots of tile pros there that can guide you in the proper techniques and answer your question.
    Jim DeBruycker
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    It's my understanding and experience that deck mud dries relatively quickly. I did a job with just over 200lbs of deck mud recently and it set up very quickly. If I remember correctly with about 30-40 minutes it was hardening up.

    I agree this is a great question to ask at www.johnbridge.com.



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