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Thread: MOEN Shower Faucet Cartridge Replacement Issues

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    Default MOEN Shower Faucet Cartridge Replacement Issues

    Last night I removed the cartridge from my shower faucet and replaced it with a new one from home depot. When I turned the water back on, I was getting very little water out of the shower head and it sounded like a lot of air was coming out ... I then pulled the cartridge back out and one of the gaskets was broken. So I went back to home depot and got a new one. The air problem still exists, I haven't taken out the cartridge yet to see if the gasket is broken again. Any suggestions?

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    Default gasket

    A broken "O" ring would cause a leak, keep it from shutting off, or mix the hot and cold water, but not prevent water flow. You must have a different problem, but we would have to know the faucet's model number to try to diagnose it.

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    If its a pressure balancer, then the balancing spool is stuck and it won't allow water to pass through iether the hot or cold

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    the balancing spool is a good possibility, what cartridge was it

    also did you get all of the old cartridge out the moen's love to tear apart when being removed something may still be stuck


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