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Thread: Drain not aligned with drain line

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    Default Drain not aligned with drain line

    My wife decided that we needed to replace the vanity cabinet, countertop and sinks when we retiled our master bathroom (I'm not pointing fingers, honest). The new cabinet is both higher and longer than the original. I've already bought a longer tailpiece that I'll cut down to the right length when I figure the rest of this out. The last issue that I have - or think I have - is that the drain is about 5" over from the drain line in the wall. I guess I also have an issue with a 1.5" drain line and a 1.25" drain but I expect I can get an adaptor for that. My question is this - what is the best way to deal with the 5" shift? Should I use a flexible extension tube to help bridge the shift? I'm not sure if that is durable and right for the job.

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    Default drain

    You need to put a fitting, either a 1/16 or 1/8 bend, between the wall and trap to offset it into position.


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